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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Ideal Ways on How to Season Cast Iron Cookware

Food comes to those who like it and food addicts want to experience delicious recipes but for those who enjoy cooking, they'd rather have an iron cookware. This best cookware set keeps the food from sticking hard on the skillet while being prepared. This type of kitchenware  distributes heat evenly so cooking is made easier. Nevertheless, it's not easy to maintain a cast iron cookware. Knowing the proper way to clean up and season it is a procedure that you should master. Below are some of the guidelines on how to season cast iron cookware.


Seasoning the cast iron cookware properly

  • Firstly, prepare warm water and soap and wash the cookware making use of the two materials  If you just lately bought the kitchenware or it has not been seasoned yet, then this method will certainly make it better. Before you season the product, you will first have to eliminate all the food residues. If in case your cast iron has not been utilized for quite a while and it is now rusty, you have to get rid of it by using salt and oil. To eliminate all of the rust, you need to scrub these two ingredients thoroughly on the cast iron. If it’s insufficient, you may use a steel wool to make it easier and better.

  • Second, after cleaning the cookware, you should dry it. You may let the air dry it or you can make use of a towel to dry it promptly. The product should be dry before you carry out the following step.

  • Third, after making certain that the cast iron cookware has dried out, you need to create a lard, bacon oil or grease. You'll need this oil since you need to put it all around the pan. Place sufficient amount to coat the pan.

  • Last but not least, put the oven at 250 to 350 °F for a few minutes, then place your cast iron in it. You need to place the cookware within the oven for one hour. There'll be some remaining oil and you must place it away, so you should place the kitchenware in an upside down position within the oven. To prevent the oil from messing up your floor, put a foil underneath the kitchenware. Remove the cookware from the oven and  allow it to cool down. Wipe it with a paper towel and secure it in a dry clean place. 

Knowing how to season cast iron cookware is easy as the procedure is simple. Indeed, there’s no reason to purchase a brand new kitchenware set as you are now aware about the ideal procedures of seasoning cookware. Get the materials needed and begin restoring your cookware today.


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